Traquitanas Musicais

An Interactive Music Installation
for Different Abilities

©1996-2002 Eiko DoEspiritosanto
and Rivaldo DoEspiritosanto

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Assistive Technology
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  Photo of Installation

Traquitanas Musicais was last presented at the Lincoln Center in New York, on Aug. 14, 1999 .

If restrooms and ATMs can be accessible, why not art installations?

Traquitanas Musicais are electronic musical instruments designed for people with and without disabilities. The idea is to allow anyone, including the disabled, to play, discover sounds and have fun.

Electronic instruments allow for more flexibility in terms of physical properties, like shape and size, than acoustic instruments do. This opens the possibility of creating instruments based solely on human body characteristics, leaving designers with no reasons not to include persons with disabilities. Traquitanas Musicais is a project by multimedia artists Eiko DoEspiritosanto and Rivaldo DoEspiritosanto. Their sculpture-like instruments are in fact MIDI controllers connected to a microprocessor and a synthesizer. Since it is impossible to create one single instrument that works well for everyone, the artists experiment with different designs, building diverse instruments to meet diverse needs.